Wednesday 2 for 1

Wednesday 2 for 1 main course for dine in a la carte meals continues to be very popular. Booking Essential


The Indian Thali lunch is a traditional way of eating a combination of curries, breads and an entree. We also include a canned soft drink for $12.

You can pre book your meal before you leave your office so that it is almost ready when you arrive.


Our new Food Van, Turmeric on Wheels provides meals to your office on a weekly basis. We have pre packed ‘half rice – half curry’ meals of a variety of choices. We also have samosas, pakora and potato bhondas as well as Chicken tikka wraps, cold curries for heating up at home, sandwiches as well as assortment of canned and boottled drinks and milk.

Our van can cater at fetes, parties at your place.to our Mobile Food van menu


This is a popular lunch pack. Simple, you pick the curry.

Our mobile food van will carry a good collection of this deal.


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